Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random Moments of Joy

On Thursday, the boys made a fun turkey craft. We traced their hands and feet and cut them out. We used the foot prints for the body of the turkey and glued the hands to the back of the turkey. Next year we can do another one and see how much the turkey has grown.

I love this huge smile on Caleb's face!

Aaron and Luke usually have cereal for breakfast. Friday morning we were out of milk so I decided to make biscuits and oatmeal. When I opened the bag of biscuits, I was delighted to find an extra one! 13 biscuits in the bag of 12! Bonus!

Next the oatmeal. I have made oatmeal one other time in my married life and Aaron could barely eat it- it was so bad. This wouldn't be such a big deal except that he always talks about when he was growing up his mom would make the best oatmeal. Well, I made the man his oatmeal and he liked it. In fact he ate two bowls of it! After 12 years of marriage, I can finally make oatmeal!

After breakfast, Luke proceeded to change halfway out of his pajamas. He loves these red shorts and would wear them every day if he could. And Luke loves any colored or patterned pair of socks. He picked out these socks to wear with his red shorts. When I saw him I just had to take a picture.

Then, Luke and Caleb decided to jump every time I took a picture.

The jumping moved to the couch.

These boys fill my life with joy!

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Grannie said...

Love the pictures and little glimpses of what is going on in the Garza family. Beaumont here we come!!! Garza guys and gal are you ready!!!????