Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Homeschooling Day

Today we made a "Thankful Tree" and the boys listed what they were thankful for. Luke wrote cats and animals by himself.

The tree went over great- the boys were really into it. But during Arithmetic our day started to fall apart. Caleb started complaining and saying, "I hate Arithmetic, why do I have to do it?" Then he started to say, "They should call it Stinkintic." Then he said, "I can't do any work because I can't think on an empty stomach." I was getting tired of the complaining and was about to launch into a lecture on learning and school.

Then Caleb said, "Look, I made a gauge of how much I like Arithmetic." He showed it to me and I laughed out loud.

As you can see in 2008, Arithmetic has gone way down. After that Caleb got his work done and both of our moods improved.

And anyways how could I stay in a bad mood with Lukey around?


Tim Gabbard said...

I noticed that my name was not on the thankful tree...

Julz said...

Hey! when did you get the DS ,and
what games do you have? Changing the subject aren't you excited im coming!