Thursday, November 20, 2008

He's a Brown Belt

On Saturday Caleb had testing for his brown belt. Testing is a big deal. Caleb had to do the senior blue belt form, do his kicking and punching drills, and do free sparring. Testing is held at the local high school and one side of the gym is usually filled up with spectators. Around 15 instructors watch the kids and decide if they are going to pass or not.

Wednesday night was the awards ceremony and as you can see Caleb was awarded his brown belt. In the picture it looks black, but it is brown.
He has these belts left until black:
senior brown
senior red
and the goal- black.
We are proud of you Caleb! The black belt is getting closer!


Grannie said...


ee you guys soon.

Julz said...

Wow! thats awesome. Caleb!

Love,Camen Da Samen