Thursday, November 13, 2008

Have you ever wanted to do something exceptional or extraordinary? I have that desire, yet I was not sure how to go about it or what that would look like.

At times I have thought, maybe I am supposed to be a teacher and inspire students. But then I have a class at Co-op that bombs and I struggle to not loose my patience and I know, no I am not born to be a teacher.

Perhaps, I am meant to be a gourmet cook. But then I burn the dinner and it doesn't quite taste right and I know I am not a gourmet cook.

Perhaps, I could be writer and have a book published. But my writing skills are clearly lacking.

I could go on and on:

Nurse? Worship Leader? Photographer? Web Designer? Social Worker? Interior Decorator?

But none of those occupations seem to fit me quite right. With Aaron losing his job and working on finishing his degree I have thought even more about what I should do for the future. I will be 45 when Luke turns 18. I will be mainly done raising my kids and I will still have a life to live and I have been feeling the pressure of trying to figure out what my life will look like then.

Today I had all of these thoughts in my head. But then I heard a still small voice that said, "Lori the thing you are exceptional at is being the King's daughter. That is your role." And the beautiful thing is that God says that to me now. Just as I am. He is not waiting on me to be better, pray harder, go to church more, or give more.

So while I still do not have my life planned out (it is a character flaw, I like to plan ahead), I rest in the knowledge that my heavenly Father loves me and that is enough. I am exceptional right now at being His daughter.

1 John 3:1 (The Message)
What marvelous love the Father has extended to us! Just look at it—we're called children of God! That's who we really are.


Mimi B said...

That is perfect post. That touched me... just to go on & be the King's Daughter..That is all I need to be & he will mold me into what he wants me to be..Focus on your salvation & everything else will fall into place

Grannie said... have posted some grand stuff this is the best. We all need to stop and let Him speak to us what we are and mean to HIM. Everything we do 'here' under labesl..teacher, nurse..pales when we hear Him speak ...'my daughter..." Thanks for the reminder!!


Joe Gabbard said...

This is why blog. Not to tell people what we're up to, share the latest family updates, or illuminate our new revelation(Although these are very important). No, the reason we blog, or write it general is to find ourselves. Good stuff Lou.