Thursday, October 23, 2008


October is Popcorn Popping Month in America. I have many fond memories growing up of almost every evening Dad would go into the kitchen and pop the whole family popcorn. And not the microwave stuff, he would make the best popcorn on the stove top. And he would always serve us before he had his.

Caleb read Popcorn! by: Elaine Landau. It is such a fun book that tells about the history of popcorn, how popcorn pops, and lots of interesting information about popcorn. The book is filled with funny drawings and jokes, too.

At the end of the book it gives suggestions for adding different toppings to your popcorn. We tried cheese, cinnamon sugar, raisins and nuts, and my favorite TexJoy.

Caleb's favorite was the plain popcorn, while Luke's was the popcorn with raisins.


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Grannie said...

Love the popcorn and Dad sure did have a way with it! But never have I seen such varities! Raisins huh and Tex Joy!! I'll have to give that a try. Wondering about your other comment..any one you know?