Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Delightful Day

We had such an ordinary day, doing our usual things, but it was such a delightful day. Right after breakfast Caleb started working on his history project for Co-op. His topic is the Civil War. He worked on it all morning, and as he worked he had a smile on his face. I love that!

I will post pictures when his project is complete.
The boys played outside this afternoon and they had such fun playing together. This made me smile.
For dinner we had one of my favorite meals. I don't know why I like it so much, maybe because it makes me think of my Mom and all the delicious dinners we would have at her house on Sundays.
Picante Chicken: Take one cut up chicken and put it in the crock pot. Cover with picante sauce or chunky salsa (are they the same thing?). Cook on low for 8 hours. Serve with rice. It is so easy and tasty!

After dinner I took Caleb to TaeKwonDo. Luke and I went by Kroger and picked up a few items to make Taco Soup (I am craving it with the cooler weather). I realized driving around Bmt, that I just like being with my family, no matter what we are doing.
When we got home Caleb asked if he could please watch Return of the Jedi. He has not watched it yet and has been waiting for a long time. We told him either tonight or tomorrow night and since on Friday nights Aaron and I usually watch a movie together and we didn't want to give that up, he is watching it tonight. (I know he is staying up late, but what can I say, we homeschool. He can sleep in.) Before we started the movie I wanted to put some clothes away I had folded, so Caleb read books to Luke while I did that. He ended up reading books to Luke for 30 minutes, and it just made me glad to hear Caleb read, Go Dog Go and I Love Trains. So we really had a delightful day just being together. I hope you had a delightful day too!

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Grannie said...

This is the kind of day that you will cherish and treasure many years from now. Something will trigger that memory and it will come back and bringthat same warm fuzzy feelingand smile to your heart and face. These are some of the most wonderful gifts we can ever receive. I'm so glad you have the time and opportunity to be able to capture these wonderful memories. They are like butteflies-we awe of their beauty and wonderful..we really can't hold on to them except in our heart. Love the updates and pictures. Yes...I am tempted to fix that chicken so often but I don't think Dad is real crazy about it...same with Taco soup...DAD's tastebuds change from time to time....

Anyway love ya!