Saturday, October 11, 2008

Birthday Purchases

I do love to shop. But I do not always have the money to shop. Today I got to go shopping as I had a gift card to Kohl's and money from Mom and Ann. I am happy to report I had a great morning shopping and here are my purchases.
Two new pairs of shoes.

Two complete outfits. I love jeans and sweaters. Now we just need some cool weather.

I stopped by the local consignment store as well today and got two purses. $20 for two purses is pretty good.

Thank you wonderful family for the birthday presents. :)


Grannie said...

Loved the pictures...although the one of Randy did bring tears to my eyes. 17 long years with him and overall he was a good dog...a loner kept to himself and wanted your company on his terms. Remember when Dad would cut the field at Seagoville and Randy would faithfully walk behind Dad the entire time or walk to the mailbox with Dad. I do miss him and think I hear him sometimes. I find myself walking down to the fence and looking into the woods which is his grave site.

Anyway on the happier stuff I love the blog as usual the pictures and the presents! I'm glad you got to spend some time and money on yourself! Love the cake too..tell everyone hello

Julz said...

Score, Lu. You did some good shopping there. I hate to say that I still haven't been to Kohl's to use my bday gift cards yet. Kathy gave me one and I am itching to go. I hope you had a great birthday!!