Monday, September 29, 2008

What we're reading Part 3

My Dad let me borrow The Shack. I have heard a lot about this book and not all good. I am trying to read it, but after the first two chapters I am having a hard time getting into this book. I just don't think it is a well written book. I will keep trying though.

For Literature class Caleb is reading Sarah, Plain and Tall. Caleb just finished it and gave it 9 out of 10 stars.

Caleb's next book for Literature is The Twenty-One Balloons. Since I am the Literature teacher I picked out the books for our class and I think this is a good one. This book is filled with cool and silly ideas and inventions.

To go with History Caleb is reading Rifles for Watie. Caleb is reading this himself and I do not know much about the book except that it is about the Civil War and it is a Newberry Winner.

Luke is reading Fortunately. This is an old book, but so good. My boys both love this book. We first found it at the library and we would read it over and over again. One day last year we found a copy of it on the free table at Co-op. We happily took it home. Now it is ours forever.

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