Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Evacuation

I wanted to give a little recap of our evacuation. We evacuated to my parents house. We attended church with them and Aaron got to preach Sunday night. The church was very generous and took up a love offering for Aaron. Wednesday night Dad gave an interesting and humorous Bible study on Solomon.

During the Wednesday night Bible study I noticed this hymnal. This took me back to my childhood. I remember being a kid and looking at the hymnal and thinking it was pretty cool that my name was on it. See it?

A couple of nights we had a fire outside that the boys loved. Why do boys love fire?

A super nice family from Mom and Dad's church invited Caleb, Luke and I to visit their Co-op in McKinney. We had a fun day being the guest of Andrew. Caleb loved one of Andrew's classes- it was the Lego Simple Machines class where they built with Legos the whole time. Here is Caleb in the Chess Class. I think Caleb won this match.

Friday night the boys spent the night with Camryn and Kaylin. Aaron and I got to have a date night. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen and saw a movie. (Thanks Julie!!!!)
Saturday morning Mom and I had a perfect morning. We stopped for breakfast and went to a huge garage sale. Bargain shopping with my mom and sister is one of my favorite activities. :)

Our power came back on Sunday night, so Monday we headed home. Poor Aaron had the task of packing our car. I did pick up a lot of stuff at the garage sale.

We got it all in the car and made it home. Thanks to everyone for giving us a wonderful time in McKinney. We love you all!


Holly Young said...

Looks like you had a great time! How sweet is Julie for giving you guys a date night! The rest of the family is leaving Monday for Texas. I am so jealous that I can't come with them. Maybe next time.


Grannie said...

Lori hope you feel better!! I'll try to call later today! Thanks for the kind words and all the pictures...your backyard looks good now I know you guys worked and worked.. So glad for the time we spend and glad you got to do something besides cook,dishes and clean and laundry-at my house. So glad you were able to find all those goodies...pennies but the items priceless to your little guys. We somehow get through very difficult times and look back and wonder how...God's grace of course... so my and dad's motto "just get through it...and my personnal FIDO...forget it and drive on.

Love ya!