Monday, September 29, 2008


As if Luke's face is not enough to melt my heart, his words are. Yesterday he was busy playing a new game with Caleb (hide the lego- their own invention) and forgot that he needed to use the bathroom. He had an accident in the living room. I will admit it -I got mad and let Luke know it. Luke responded by saying, "I'm sorry Mom. I won't do it again Mom." Then the kicker, "Mom do you still love me?" Isn't that heart breaking? Most of the time he has good behavior and I rarely have to get after him. But when I do he always responds this way. I think he takes after me. I was super sensitive as a kid and did not like to be punished.

Luke- I will always love you!!

Caleb decided to give me and Luke TaeKwondo lessons. I was worn out just from the stretching and warm-up exercises. Caleb got out his old belts for me and Luke to put on. Luke was in to it.

Ah, camping. Grannie gave the boys a little two person tent. On Saturday Aaron was going to squeeze into the tent with the boys and camp outside. They had their sleeping bags and flashlights all ready. They even climbed in and zipped up the tent. But then one of our cats, Leo who likes to pounce, started attacking the tent and made contact with Caleb's finger. Caleb got hurt and the boys decided they didn't want to camp.

I told them I would sleep out in the tent with them tonight. Luke said, "I only want to sleep in the tent in my room." So we brought the tent in and they are camping in their room. Works for me.

Sweet Dreams.


AmyGabbard said...

Kaden has been asking me if I still love him when he gets in trouble. It just breaks my heart.

Lori said...

I know Amy. Maybe at the age that is what they are thinking. If we are upset with them we don't love them. I thought it was just Luke.

Grannie said...

Love the pictures.. Tell the boys Grannie loves them no matter what!