Thursday, September 11, 2008


As of 6 this morning we are under a mandatory evacuation. The hurricane is supposed to hit late tomorrow or early Saturday. We are trying to decide what to do. We can't imagine getting in the traffic with everyone evacuating including Galveston and Houston areas. We can't imagine staying with the big trees around our house. We have a full tank of gas, tons of water, ice, and lots of food. We just aren't sure right now.


Holly Young said...

Lori- I am praying for your safety! How close are you to Galveston? The news reports here are mainly talking about Galveston and Houston. I know you will all be alright- the Lord will keep you safe, but I know that must be scarey as well. Keep us posted.


AmyGabbard said...

Lori- That is a hard decision I know you want your family to be safe but at the same time its hard packing up and leaveing again within two weeks of the last one. Keep us posted.


Grannie said...

Lori you are already on te road as I write this...but I feel you are doing the right thing...especially with small kiddos...adults can weather out (no pun intended0 anything but kiddos are too precious and fragile to have to endure anything as ICKY as IKE. See you guys when you get here