Friday, August 22, 2008

A Tale of Two Backpacks

Caleb needed a new backpack for school, so we went to the mall to find him one. I had a coupon to The Children's Place so I wanted to use that. Caleb found a backpack he really liked for $15, minus the 15% off coupon, that we purchased. I was feeling pretty good about this purchase.

Right after that we needed to go to HEB for some groceries. Beaumont has a huge HEB that sells just about everything. As soon as we walk in we see a display of backpacks. The first one Caleb sees is a Star Wars- Clones Wars backpack for $14.99. Caleb begged, "Please Mom can I get The Clone Wars backpack instead, we can return the other one." I thought okay, why not.

We get home and Caleb cuts the tags off of The Clone Wars backpack and he is trying it on, when Aaron walks out of his office. Caleb shows him the backpack, which he is so proud of- remember people we have a Star Wars obsession in our house right now, and Aaron asks, "Can Caleb take that backpack to school?" Our Co-op has a new strict dress code this year. Aaron doesn't think a storm trooper with a gun is going to fly. I wish I had thought of that at HEB. So Caleb wants to keep both backpacks and have one for school and the other for trips or where ever else he might need one. How did I get myself into spending $30 for backpacks that Caleb needs to use once a week?

Tonight PawPaw Garza took Caleb out to see The Clone Wars at the movie theater. Should we be feeding this Star Wars obsession?


Grannie said...

That's a hard call. But we all seem to have 'obsessions' of one kind or another. But the backpack tale is just one of many of a parents' challenges...Love the updates!!!


Tim Gabbard said...

Yes you should be feeding his obsession. Thats cool that Caleb saw the new movie!