Monday, August 4, 2008

Olympics Day One

We had a great morning at Co-op at our Olympics Day. Carol, who is brilliant at what she does, (a lot like Mom) planned and organized the whole thing. The kids were divided into 6 teams- black, red, blue, green, yellow, and white. Those are the colors of the Olympic flag. Caleb is on the red team, Luke the white team. There were five different centers the teams went around to.

The centers were:

1. Olympic Flags- the kids learned about the Olympic flag and painted one

2. Chinese Cuisine- the kids looked at globe at where China is, looked at Chinese writing, and ate fried rice, egg rolls, and fortune cookies (the mom who worked this center wore a kimono)

3. China Craft- the kids made a paper lantern

4. Olympic Craft- the kids made a Olympic torch bug guy (really cute, I'll post pictures)

5. Olympic Pictures- each kid got their picture taken as an Ancient Olympian wearing a Toga and laurel wreath in front of a Roman backdrop. Then they got their picture taken as a modern Olympian wearing a warm up suit in front of an American flag.

The kids stayed with their team the whole time and visited each of the centers. Then they had Olympic games. The top picture is a relay race they did. They had to carry the chicken in giant chopsticks without dropping the chicken.

We were supposed to have our 2nd Olympic day tomorrow, but because of the storm we have postponed it. I hope we can have it soon!

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