Friday, August 29, 2008


We have decided to evacuate because of Gustav. We are going to leave tomorrow. Today I am trying to pack, wash all the dirty laundry, pick up all loose items outside that could become projectiles, return all library books, possible track down some sand bags for our back door, and clean house (I don't want to return to a dirty house).

We were really questioning if we should evacuate, as the storm may hit Louisiana and not even come to us. But Aaron can work in Dallas if he needs to. Also, we were worried about getting back for Aaron's classes at Lamar. But Lamar just called and they have cancelled classes through Tuesday, they hope to reopen Wednesday if possible. They are evacuating Lamar tonight.

So we will leave our sweet little house and be on the road to Dallas tomorrow. Can't wait to see the family!!


Grannie said...

OH Lori we are praying too! We are trusting God to take care of your 'sweet little house' and it will be safe and sound!

Holly Young said...

Lori I will pray for you guys. I know your house will be fine. On a positive note- at least you do get to spend dome time with your parents. I'm sure they are glad you, Aaron and the boys will be with them! Keep me posted.