Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dear Husband

I am very proud of the husband, he is so close to finishing his degree. He is taking three upper level classes this semester. He had his first day of classes today at Lamar. His first class is at 8, but I didn't take his picture before he left since he is not a morning person. This was taken when he got home.

Look at Caleb- he looks just like his dad in this picture. :)

After I took the picture husband asked me if it would end up on my blog and I told him no, that my blog was about my life not his life. But really he is my life. So yes, it's on the blog.


Holly Young said...

Lori- how are you?? I just opened up my own blog after finding yours. Hope you are doing well- you rkids are getting so big!! They are both adorable! I don't know much about blogging yet, so hopefully I will learn along the way. Check out my blog- Holly Young.

See ya,

Julz said...

Lori and Aaron, I am so excited for you guys. I had no idea that Aaron was so close to finishing. I am so proud of Aaron for taking that step to go back and for making the sacrifices. It will be worth it and what a great example for Caleb and Luke to follow. I'll be praying for you!