Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Half Way There!

Caleb received his blue belt tonight. A blue belt is halfway to a black belt. Caleb, we are proud of you!


Grannie said...

So glad you took the boys to this service. Sounds like it was a 'defining' moment for everyone. Good reminder about the hopes and dreams. I heard a great sermon about that...Moses was in the desert and for all he knew his hopes and dreams were gone...keeping sheep (they weren't even his..he worked for his father-in-law) day after day..the mundane, each day probably feeling like his hopes and dreams even farther away..When he 'turned' from the path and encountered God as never before-via the burning bush!

The key I feel is to keep faithful in the small things (day to day) and God does (I hate to use the word show up...because He's always just a whisper away) I guess the word should be reveal himself and the rest is history..or His story)

Love ya


Grannie said...


Love ya


Julz said...

Caleb - this is so awesome. I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished. You have to show me some more moves when we see you again.

Love ya,
Aunt Julie