Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Camping lives on!

The boys and I had a great time camping with my parents. The trip made a big impact on Luke. He wanted to build a camper out of Legos. Then he wanted to build a campsite. So he built a picnic table, fire, tent, even gravity chairs. At Luke's campsite there is a hungry dog to feed, too. I thought Grannie and Camryn would enjoy seeing this.


Grannie said...

Good Morning..I'm back from a few days at in KC ..more on that later...I want to let you and Aaron know how very proud we are of you and your faithfulness at Fresh Springs. I believe you did such an important work there -especially with John and his family. The seeds were sown and at God's timing they will burst forth. Remember we have to go from step a then to b and so on....This was a tremendous building block in your ministry!

Love you so much!


Grannie said...

Opps got on the wrong page somehow but wanted to say yes the camping was great...after Papa and Grannie got the camper up and going...hope to camp many more times with you guys!!!

Love ya!!


Julz said...

That is so awesome Lukey.