Monday, July 14, 2008

Another Ballgame

This has been the summer of ball games for us. Last week we were in McKinney visiting my family. On my Dad's birthday we went to a Collegiate game to see the McKinney Marshalls. It was the most fun I have ever had at a baseball game. The kids all had a blast too! At the end of the game the Marshalls let the kids come into the dugout and take home a game ball. Well all of the big cousins went and got a ball. Caleb was in the bathroom and missed it. When he came out he ran over to the dugout, but all of the balls were gone. He was pretty upset and I thought he was going to cry. I told him it was alright and we started to walk to the car. When we got to the parking lot my dad took Caleb with him and walked up to one of the players who was getting on the team bus. He asked them for a ball for Caleb, and they gave him one. Caleb was so happy, I think PawPaw was his hero that night.

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